Trial Consultant

Modern trial consultants help prepare witnesses, shadow juries, assist with jury selection, mock trials, focus groups, trial presentation, produce demonstrative exhibits, and develop an effective trial strategy.

Our firm, The Trial Concierge, specializes in complex medical malpractice and personal injury litigation. We will work seamlessly alongside your attorneys, support staff and witnesses to provide valuable research, identify factors that may negatively impact the case and minimize those factors.

Our goal is to develop the best strategy for presenting a case in order to win.

Our track record shows we help our clients with complex cases, select the best juries, and prepare the best witnesses. We’re easy to work with, pay attention to everything, and we deliver the invaluable insight and direction.

Trial Consulting Specialties

Services that help you accomplish your legal objectives:

  • Voir Dire Coaching
  • Staff training for Voir Dire Support
  • Courtroom Presence Daily
  • Mock Voir Dire
  • Mock Trial Facilitation
  • Focus Group Facilitation
  • Development of Juror Questionnaires

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