Legal Nurse Consultant

When you hire our legal nurse consultant to evaluate, analyze, and render informed opinions about medical issues, you know you are getting a professional, candid and insightful help.

If your case has a serious weakness, we will identify it before you have spent thousands of dollars in discovery.

In addition to summarizing medical records and conducting medical research, we work closely with medical experts who are more receptive to talk to a legal nurse.

With a legal nurse on your staff, your law firm can keep litigation costs to a minimum.

Review Medical Records

  • Review relevant medical records
  • Organize medical records
  • Assess the injuries
  • Create reports
  • Summarize medical records
  • Create chronologies of the medical events

Work with Experts

  • Find expert witnesses
  • Analyze expert witness reports
  • Prepare experts for deposition and trial
  • Communicate with experts

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