Trial Consultant
Legal Nurse Consultant

The Trial Concierge is a trial consulting firm providing the expertise and support for attorneys to better represent their clients in the courtroom.

One of the most important jobs as a trial consultant is assisting the attorney and trial team in developing an effective trial strategy that shapes juror perceptions during Voir Dire and opening statements. This strategy must be supported by the presentation of the evidence through witnesses and exhibits, and be reinforced in closing argument leading to a positive and favorable verdict for out clients.

Our specialties:

  • Trial Consultant
  • Jury Consultant
  • Legal Nurse Consultant
  • Presentation Specialist
  • 24/7 Support

Free Consultation


    24/7 Trial Support

    We focus on presenting your exhibits during trial in the most efficient and compelling manner possible while you focus on the trial.

    Voir Dire Coaching

    As the attorney questions the mock jurors, The Trial Concierge consultant coaches him/her on ways to improve voir dire skills.

    Jury Selection

    Our jury selection services assist with the process of identifying and eliminating negative juror bias on a jury panel.

    Case Analysis/Strategy

    We help attorneys with careful, methodical case analysis and strategic planning.

    Litigation Graphics

    We help lawyers communicate their message with maximum effectiveness.

    Witness & Expert Preparation

    A prepared witness always has good answers. The Trial Concierge can help you with witness preparation and more.

    Focus Groups

    Focus groups allow attorneys to explore the attitudes of individuals who are demographically representative of the jury pool where a case will be tried.

    Deposition Preparation

    Deposition preparation is extremely important and will affect your case in many ways. It’s our job to ensure that my client understands just how important their deposition is to the outcome of their case.